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Compiled by the indie label White Wabbit Records, the Lobo series offers a panoramic view of the Taiwan independent music scene with bands of diverse styles ranging from post rock, punk, melodic indie, experimental rock and electronic. The existing three Lobo volumes not only showcase many artists, but also tell a history of Taiwanese music.

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Taiwanese CDs

Lobo III

Double CD - TW026 $14.99


    CD 1:

  1. 卡樂芙 (COLORFUL) - Two of the Who
  2. Runaway Train - DOODLE
  3. 慢燒機 (SLOW BURNING MACHINE) - I'm a Retard
  4. 393B1 - 木葉村的忍者們 (前傳) (The Ninja of Konoha (part))
  5. 光景消逝 (THE HINDSIGHT) - Eyes Contact
  6. RICO - Moon Rock
  7. 人造美 (ORANGE GRASS) - 橙草 (Artificial)
  8. SMOL - Questions
  9. MURMUR - The Sorrow of Young Wanker
  10. 霧夜 (DIAGONAL) - 對角線 (A Night in Mist)
  11. 電子羊 (DENCI HINJI) - Aspirin Boy
  12. 可可慕之春 (COCOMU) - Game Over
    CD 2:

  1. INDULGE - 鐵枝路的兩條線 (The Two Lines of The Railroad)
  2. 小宇宙 (MICROCOSMOS) - Flying Through The Cosmos
  3. 甘納許 (GANACHE) - 老人 (The Old Man)
  4. 朵莉的藥盒 (DOLLY'S PILLBOX) - Bedtime Plus
  5. ATOMBOOK - Melody on Mellow Day
  6. 姬碧特 (ZIBET) - Swing Your Bodies
  7. YOBBO - Flee
  8. NASTYONA - Cause Your My Mom
  9. 白目 (WHITE EYES) - I Am Murmuring
  10. BB彈 (B.B. BOMB) - 龐克女孩 (Punk Rock Girl)
  11. 12.3 - 上流美!上流美!上流美! (Narcissism Beauty)
  12. ELF FATIMA - 破浪


The most recent Lobo compilation is a double disc set that offers a glimpse at the latest indie bands from Taiwan ranging in style from experimental post-rock to Britpop to poppy girl bands and post-hardcore alongside special guest appearances by bands from Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. COLORFUL sets the mood with a vibrant synth patterns and flanger effects. Slowing things down a bit is DOODLE with their heart-wrenching indie rock while SLOW BURNING MACHINE takes us on a plasmic journey through ambient layers with layered sound, timid vocals and an airy female chorus. 393B1 demonstrates their ability to tell a tale through Easy's instrumental guitar meanderings on "Ninja of Kohona." Bringing some hardcore intensity to the mix is HINDSIGHT 20/20, recently renamed THE HINDSIGHT. Japan's RICO contribute a good old rock song with a catchy indie groove. Shaking things up a bit are a couple tracks by Taiwan's Britpop style indie rockers ORANGE GRASS and SMOL. Next is a psychedelic oddity about sexual frustration and a certain porn star from the now classic joke band MURMUR. From Hong Kong, DIAGONAL gives us a violin and piano duet that could have been inspired by the Parisian film Amelie while DENCI HINJI follows with some hypnotic lounge. Finishing the first disc is COCOMU with a cute instrumental consisting of childish recorder and guitar repetitions.

INDULGE begins the second CD with a bold and theatrical piano pop number. MICROCOSMOS then breaks into and ambient rock song charged with female vocals synth intensity and metal stylings. GANACHE then gives us a more natural acoustic folk track while DOLLY'S PILLBOX contributes a brand new track showing their sleepy side. Next we have a charming acoustic indie song by Korea's ATOMBOOK. Another Taiwan indie favorite ZIBET offers some slow-core while YOBBO plays a soulful RnB tune. Another appearance by a Korean band is NASTYONA who heat things up with a female-fronted alternative sound. WHITE EYES rocks out in hip disco punk style. Making an appearance with their classic " Punk Rock Girl!" is B.B. BOMB. Going back to some post-rock is 12.3 which leads to ELF FATIMA ending the compilation with explosive experimental rock and haunting vocals.

The sheer amount of underground music, not only from Taiwan, but several other Asian countries has made this CD on of the best hidden treasure troves of Asian music to date.


Lobo I

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Lobo II

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