The USA Scene

Punk Rock in the 70's was a reaction to the boring hard rock of the era as well as the emerging disco phenomena. It brought back seemingly forgotten genres of rock n' roll, bubblegum pop, garage and surf. Groups like the Ramones, Blondie, the Modern Lovers and Devo captured the flippant innocence of a misunderstood genre.

The 80's saw a Hardcore interpretation of punk rock which led bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and Murphy's Law to spearhead their own respective scenes characteristic of their particular locales. Around the same time, more melodic and experimental bands like Yo La Tengo and Beat Happening were planting the seeds of what would come to be called indie rock.

The new Millennium has brought about a whole new direction in punk and indie rock. While the mass media has completely co-opted the term indie and punk has lost all meaning over mainstream radio waves, the true believers have chosen to support their local music scene rather than waste their money on Rolling Stone. Let's face it, your friends play good music... and more often than not, they play for free!


Gie Ji Gaii

CD Albummore info $11.99 ($14.99 Overseas)

Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts

CD Albummore info $9.99

  • THE SLANTS - Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts
  • THE HSU-NAMI - Entering The Mandala
  • LOVE CINEMA VOL. 6 - Self Titled
  • GELATINE - Gie Ji Gaii
  • WOLFGANG BANG - What Are You Going To Do?