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Originally turned on to punk after seeing Japanese girl punk band SOFTBALL and local Taiwan punks REPRODUCTION perform at the Say Yes to Taiwan Fesival, FIRE EX quickly became a local favorite in their own right. They have been one of the only local bands to cross the strait and tour with Chinese punk band REFLECTOR as well as play with KING LY CHEE from Hong Kong. In addition to recording a highly notable EP, they have contributed to several compilations in Taiwan as well as the Japanese punk comp Samurai Spirits. As the punk scene in Taiwan is seeing a surge of diverse bands, FIRE EX. is at the fore front.


Sam - Vocals, Guitar
Or - Guitar
Jc - Bass
Indoa - Drums


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Taiwanese CDs

Let’s Go

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CD Album - TW028 $12.99


  1. Intro
  2. Let's Go
  3. Passaway
  4. Wake Up My Friend
  5. New Song 1
  6. Circle
  7. Sad Song
  8. Life
  9. New Song 2
  10. Revolution
  11. Paralyze
  12. Our Fall
  13. 19


Let's Go! should be considered as a landmark album in the Taiwan punk scene, if not for its tight pop punk anthems, then sheerly for its long awaited release. Indeed, it should be listened to as a "best of" collection since it includes much of the band's repertoire over the past seven years. Opening with the title track, FIRE EX. establishes their ability to craft intricate and energetic songs that seem to impossibly meld aspects of street, pop and emo punk. "Passaway" is an older favorite that gets their fans jumping while the shredding guitar on "New Song 1" demonstrates that the band is not only about melodic choruses. "Sad Song" slows things down with an edgy rhythm, metal stylings and emotional intensity. Mixing English and Mandarin on "Revolution" truly exhibits the tonal effect of Chinese language on punk rock while the lyrics indicate the band's honesty: "use noise to enjoy the revolution." Both "Our Fall" and "19" show FIRE EX’s recent emo-charged intensity with bursts of pained screaming and heavy breakdowns adding an interesting flare to their variety of melodic punk. With their new album, FIRE EX. is at the helm of a local punk scene burgeoning with diversity and just waiting to be discovered by the world outside.


Music From A Summer's Tail

CD Soundtrackmore info $15.99

Samurai Spirits

CD Compilationmore info $12.99

Diaffection To LTK

CD Compilationmore info $15.99