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A Summer's Tail

This coming-of-age flick written by ENNO CHENG who also stars in the film and appears on the soundtrack, follows the story of Taiwanese high school kids and comes to life through the musical wanderings of the soundtrack contributors with styles ranging from post-rock to punk and acoustic indie.


Beginning life as the prominent Taipei experimental band NIPPLES, the members reconsidered their direction and style after their second album. The result was a new project named APHASIA with a cinematic bend which led them to take on composing the score for A Summer's Tail.


Luxia Wu - Guitar
KK - Bass
Kevin Su - Guitar
Yonker - Drums


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Music From A Summer's Tail

CD Soundtrack - TW044 $16.99


  1. APHASIA - 田野
  2. APHASIA - 下雨之前
  3. APHASIA - 想念
  4. APHASIA - 河那邊
  5. APHASIA - 沒有為什麼
  6. APHASIA - 喜歡
  7. APHASIA - 要踢球嗎
  8. APHASIA - 我們的秘密
  9. APHASIA - 愛的墮落
  10. APHASIA - 選擇
  11. APHASIA - This Is A Go
  12. ORANGE GRASS - And Go
  13. ENNO + FIRE EX. - 世界的樣子
  14. FIRE EX. - Pass Away
  15. ENNO + APHASIA - 夏天的尾巴
  16. ENNO - 給親愛的你
  17. ENNO - 小小的我
  18. ENNO - Boys


Musician, actress and writer ENNO CHENG distills some clever teenage drama from the usual test-taking life of Taiwanese high schoolers, and furthermore, includes several bands from Taiwan's indie rock scene on the original soundtrack adding more of a reality to the film's atmosphere while simultaneously appealing to the island's youth. Coming from a post-rock background, APHASIA provide an instrumental score that wavers between pensive acoustic melodies, keyboard induced lullabies and surfy upbeat pop. Indie rockers ORANGE GRASS, who also make a cameo appearance in the film, and seminal punk band FIRE EX both contribute to the soundtrack. ENNO CHENG collaborates with FIRE EX and APHASIA on a couple tracks while several solo acoustic indie ENNO songs conclude the collection. Recent developments in the Taiwan indie scene, APHASIA and ENNO CHENG ensure this soundtrack is not to be missed by fans of the movie and music alike.