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LTK, also known as Loh Tsui Kweh Commune, have a reputation for being a wildly surreal and often mockingly destructive band in Taiwan due to their degenerate lyrics and shockingly antics on and off stage. Drawing on punk and grunge which was leaking its way across the Pacific at the time the band formed in 1990, as well as Taiwan folk and nakasi, a rustic working class-themed local music, LTK are known as one of the more abrasive Taike bands on the island. This has made their style humorously Taiwanese, yet filled with a raucous punk attitude.


小柯 - Guitars & Vocals
秀秀- Guitar
蛋- Keyboard
哞- Bass
Robert - Drums


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Taiwanese CDs

Diaffection To LTK

CD Compilation - TW016 $15.99


  1. LEGONIC TRAP - 卡通手槍2005
  2. 88顆芭樂籽 (88 GUAVA SEEDS) - 黑貓堅仔2005
  3. 馬猴 (MAHO) - 強姦殺人
  4. 表兒 (CHILDREN SUCKER)沾到黑油的肉鯽仔
  5. NAFF OFF借問
  6. MILK - 現在的社會
  7. 花不拉屎 (FLOWER DON'T POPO) - 詛咒
  8. BB彈 (B.B. BOMB) - 先生!給我浪女姑嫂丸
  9. 半導體 (SEMI-CON) - 我怎麼哭了
  10. 大吉祥 (DGS) - 劍仙傳奇
  11. 牛皮紙 (PUNK COW TEAM) - 藍色的海邊
  12. 主音+皓 (THE TONIC) - 缺交際能力
  13. 滅火器 (FIRE EX) - 明顯的所在
  14. 非人物種 (G8 BAND) - 漏電的插頭
  15. 瓢蟲 (LADYBUG) - 農村出事情


The legacy of LTK on Taiwan punk rock can be felt at any of their live shows as all the younger punks, many who have had semi-successful bands of their own, are tensed with excitement... then all havoc ensues. Before you can tell what's happening the kids are ripping apart trash on stage and lighting bottle rockets in their hands! The cause of this mayhem is the oldest punk band on the island who have acquired an almost mythological reputation. A two decade career that has included obscene lyrics, wild stage antics, grave robbing hijinks among other dirty deeds, has gained them many loyal followers. With covers by NAFF OFF, B.B. BOMB, SEMI-CON, DGS, MAHO, FIRE EX and CHILDREN SUCKER, this tribute compilation gives some of the younger bands in the Taiwan punk scene a chance to show their diaffection to Taiwan's greatest rebel rousers.