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THE TONIC represent pure Taiwan rock with its moments of instrumental meditation, sudden metal thrills and mastery of guitar whether it is the ability to finger pick an acoustic, chord the blues or shred an axe. Long time patron of Taiwanese independent music with his record label Gamaa Music, 老諾 sings mostly in Taiwanese, often about the country's history and adversity, with a refined and unadulterated intensity over well-crafted rock music made from a variety of standard as well as traditional and classical instruments. Thus THE TONIC is recognized as one of Taiwan's most original and relevant artists to date.


老諾 - Vocals, Guitar
Rossa - Bass
阿政 - Guitar
阿電 - Drums


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  1. 福爾摩沙
  2. 荷西爭台
  3. 鄭氏王朝
  4. 前清
  5. 唐山過台 - LISTEN
  6. 日治
  7. 現代(獻給228及所有走過歷史傷痛的見證者)
  8. 沙漠重鎮
  9. 不甘(未來)


The latest release from Taiwan's innovative rock group THE TONIC is a masterpiece of hard rock touched up with metal stylings and progressive instrumental orchestrations and made local through lyrics sung in Taiwanese often about the island's history and culture. The intro is a cinematic instrumental piece that sets the listener up for a musical journey. "荷西爭台" is a blistering 80's metal cut that gives way to a Spanish guitar interlude. Next we have "鄭氏王朝," a fast hard rock song with thumping bass and shredding guitar riffs. Beginning with a flange effect intro, the next track is a bluesy number that makes use of organ sounds and arpeggiated solos. "日治" opens with minor key acoustic picking and flows into a thoughtful piece with delicately plucked traditional Chinese stringed instruments Next we have a melancholic song about the 228 tragedy with beautiful guitar arrangements over accordion and deep percussion giving the song a feeling of mourning, yet not without perseverance. Bringing things back to the hard rock vibe with 70's stomp and fuzz is "沙漠重鎮." Rounding out the album is a rock ballad with passionate vocals and weeping guitars. Before the album's end is a a dark and sinister bass guitar instrumental which brings us to the final track, a metal laden lament. Full of distinct Taiwan rock style and evocative compositions, THE TONIC shows how they rock on this tiny island a half a world away, screaming to be heard.


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