About the Band


Based in San Francisco, this Japanese fronted punk band fuses early hardcore intensity with grungy D-beat, old school punk speed and even some reggae influence. The band underwent a key line-up change when original guitarist Toshi returned to Japan and Ryo stepped up to fill his place while Sean moved to lead guitar. With songs in Japanese and English, VOMICA not only tests the borders of punk lyrically but also in their genre bending approach.

Members (on Self Titled):

Toshi Saizaki - Vocals
Ryo Harada - Guitar
Wade Jones - Bass
Sean Mou-Keefe - Drums


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Self Titled

CD Album - US010 $12.99


  1. Your Girlfriend
  2. Can't Sleep
  3. On The Street
  4. Last Week
  5. World Wide Smile
  6. Wig Song
  7. Escape
  8. Shibuya
  9. Boryokudan
  10. The Suffering
  11. Dub Mix
  12. Pay To Cum
  13. Fuck You
  14. Skull Sex
  15. Drinking On The Job


VOMICA's first release consists of fifteen abrasive punk tunes that take advantage of a variety of hardcore approaches, yet with a Japanese twist that can be felt in the vocals as much as the metal stylings. The album first charges into the D-beat fused "Your Girlfriend," then pays homage to the Japanese street punk scene with the COBRA cover "On The Street. The "Wig Song" sounds like a mix of riot grrl and NYC scum punk with the eerie female chorus. Showing some reggae influence the short but sweet "Dub Mix" blasts into the band's Japanese language version of BAD BRAINS' classic "Pay to Cum." The closing track "Drinking On The Job" has a hard rock edge with a garage blues theme that makes you feel like you just experienced a great album.