About the Band


Making an integral part of the Montreal punk scene of the 90's, SHLONK was predominantly based in NYC and preformed alongside such seminal bands of the scum rock scene including the LUNACHICKS, DA WILLEY'S and the SHEIKS. Guitarist Angie Shlonka was even responsible for bringing GG ALLIN on a vomitorious trip to Canada. SHLONK's first LP EEY-YOW was well received for its unadulterated approach to the genre and the band continued to tour and take on the world throughout the 90's.

Members (on Brute):

Allan Warnock - Vocals
Jody Penhall - Bass
Angie Shlonka - Guitar
Colleen McIntyre - Bass
Kelly Backs - Drums


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American CDs


***This is a vinyl record!***

7" EP - US009 $5.99


    SIDE A:

  1. Brute
  2. God Made Buttocks For Spanking
  3. SIDE B:

  4. Kreature Komfort
  5. Junkyard Mary


SHLONK have often drawn comparisons to the LUNACHICKS, mostly because they came from the same late 80's ironically artsy NYC scum rock scene and also because of the amount of twisted estrogen in the band. However, the ten buck fuck stops there. Brute is a trip into an underworld of ripped denim avant punk, hardcore demeanor and sludge metal that owes nothing to anyone.