About the Band


They come from the South... the South of Taiwan that is. This amped up rockabilly trio started playing fests and bars around the island in early 2005 where their sets included a cover of the ROCK-A-TEENS classic " Woo Hoo" made famous again by the 5,6,7,8's alongside their own homage to American rockabilly with touches of psychobilly, surf and ska.


Akira Jingbin - Guitars/ Vocals
Dragon 5 a.k.a Kyohei - Vocals/ Double Bass
Bambi - Drums


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Taiwanese CDs

Self Titled

CD Mini-album - TW013 $9.99

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  1. Elvis Is A Punk Rocker
  2. 跳舞女孩
  3. 變態社會
  4. My Cadillac
  5. 黃昏の君の笑顏
  6. Jam On The Surfboard


This tribute to 50’s rockabilly and the wild psychobilly of the punk era, this mini album opens with "Elvis Is A Punk Rocker," a killer track bringing both grease stained worlds together. The following contributions range from cool cat prowling tunes to jumpy songs about cars and girls. Listen for a bit of psychobilly, ska and surf all blended with a unique Taiwanese style and lyrics in Mandarin. Japanese double bass player Kyohei brings a bit of his own flash to the trio. Now that rockabilly and psychobilly have gone worldwide there is a lot to gamble on, but trust me... this mini album is a guaranteed FULLHOUSE!