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Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards

Every year Fulong Beach on the northern end of Taiwan becomes a mecca for indie bands participating in the island's largest battle of the bands. Since beginning in 2000, the festival has featured bands of all genres including indie rock, punk, ska, metal, pop, electronica, folk as well as various fusion styles. Furthermore, the competition reflects this diversity with a list of finalists that has included 88 BALAZ, TIZZY BAC, CHILDREN SUCKER and most recently WHITE EYES. Ho-Hai-Yan, a name taken from an aboriginal phrase signifying the ocean, has now come to be synonymous with having good summertime fun while supporting local independent talent.

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Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2001

CD Compilation - TW053 $18.99


  1. BEE 3 - Naughty Boy
  2. 88 BALAZ - Intro
  3. 88 BALAZ - Triangle
  4. SUNNY BOYS - Hu-Hu-Ho
  5. PEPPERCATS - Maku
  6. HISANTA - Let's Have Coffee
  7. TOLAKU - Fucked-Up Luck
  8. CHEER CHEN - 1234567
  9. THE WIZARD OF OZ - Intro
  10. THE WIZARD OF OZ - Points Of View
  11. CLIPPERS - Turn On The Disco Ball
  12. JAROL - The Ocean


Complied and released for the first time on this CD, the Ho-Hai-Yan battle of the bands with all its summertime energy comes to life! Naughty Bee 3kicks off the collection with some rockin' electro hip hop which is followed by the year's winners 88 BALAZ doing a hyper version of "Triangle." A summer party wouldn't be complete without some ska which the SUNNY BOYS whip up in a riot! Cute and punky as usual, PEPPERCATS sing about a pet dog named "Maku." CHEER CHEN is captured here performing at an indie fest before sky-rocketing to international notoriety. WIZARD OF OZ contribute some melodic alternative with female vocals and Taiwan's infamous taike band THE CLIPPERS mix up classic Taiwan melodies with danceable rock. Lastly, JAROL lets the album drift away with his minimalist electronica on the appropriately titled "Ocean." This collection is not only offers a variety of great songs but also gives us a glimpse at the early period of several artists like CHEER CHEN, PEPPERCATS and 88 BALAZ who are still releasing material today!