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Taiwan Independent Compilation

While the first independent compilation released in 1999 by Taiwan Colors Music featured mostly Taiwan style rock and taike bands, the 2001 effort culled more college bands experimenting with a variety of genres from indie rock and pop punk to blues rock and more. Several of the bands first featured on this collection, including SODAGREEN, BRACES, 88 BALAZ and WON-FU, have become quite successful and continue to write new songs an perform regularly.

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Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001

CD Compilation - TW052 $18.99


  1. JAROL - Intro
  2. 88 BALAZ - Clockpeople
  3. SODAGREEN - Spying
  4. SO WHAT - So What
  5. CHAMPION - Existence
  6. BACTERIO PHAGE - Horny Bastards
  7. THE CLONES - Sweet Red Honeys
  8. ECHO - Echo
  9. SHERLY LOVES - Windy Rainy Day
  10. E-CUP - College, Kiss My Ass
  11. BRACES - Cloned Sheep
  12. WON-FU - Sheep In The Marketplace


One of the first compilations to feature Taiwanese college rock bands experimenting with different indie rock and punk styles, the Taiwan Music Colors 2001 Independent Compilation is a milestone from the island's music scene. After JAROL's minimalist intro, 88 BALAZ burst into a STOOGES inspired blues punk freakout. A couple bands to rise up and become major recording artist in Taiwan include indie pop group SODAGREEN and slick rock band CHAMPION. Representing the Feirenbang (a.k.a Useless Motherfuckers) punk scene are THE CLONES. Punky girl band BRACES continue to write new songs and "Cloned Sheep" remains a classic. WON-FU have also went on to record several albums and have since become one the island's favorite indie pop bands. Seeing that so many great Taiwanese bands are featured here for the first time, this indie compilation is an excellent introduction to the Taiwan music scene.