About the Band


Crashing out of the Tokyo's Back from the Grave scene in the late 80's, TEENGENERATE quickly became known as the coolest Japanese garage band ever! They caught the attention of notable underground labels overseas and released records on Crypt, Dionysus and Sympathy for the Record Industry. Despite breaking up in 1996, some members went on to form the influential groups FIRESTARTER and RAYDIOS and the original line-up came back together for a reunion tour in 2005.


Fifi - Guitars & Vocals
Fink - Guitars & Vocals
Sammy - Bass
Shoe - Drums


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Live At Shelter

CD Album - JP052 $14.99


  1. Intro
  2. Get Me Back
  3. Mess Me Up
  4. 1979
  5. Human Tornado
  6. I Don't Care
  7. Dressed In Black
  8. Sex Cow
  9. Gonna Feel Alright
  10. Front Page
  11. Let's Get Hurt
  12. Out Of Sight
  13. My GTO
  14. So Bored
  15. Hippy Hippy Shake
  16. Wild Weekend


From the brash intro by PHANTOM SURFERS' Mike Lucas to the finish, TEENGENERATE crashes and burns through each blistering garage punk track. The set list features raw originals like the punk rock n roll sounds of "Mess Me Up," and "Dressed In Black" as well as some Detroit rock heaviness as heard on "Let's Get Hurt." Also included are out of control covers of songs by 70's punk bands THE KIDS and THE ZEROS, Andy Chortler of THE DEVIL DOGS and Chan Romero's classic RnR ditty "Hippy Hippy Shake." For those that missed the 2005 reunion, this disc provides a frantic look at the unrelenting performance of Japan's wildest garage punk band ever!