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Hailing from Nagoya City, known for its recent surge in Japanese hardcore, J.U.U.M. stand out for their anarcho-stance and primitive sound. Influenced by US crust punk band AUS-ROTTEN, J.U.U.M. carry much of the same socio-political angst (albeit with a bent more towards the Japanese mind) which they dispel through guttural vocals, fast grinding guitars and enough elements of metal, surf and tribalism to keep things interesting.


D-JUUM - Vocals
IDY-JUUM - Guitar
SxE-JUUM - Drums


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Japan Underground Unholy Method

CD Album - JP021 $9.99


  1. Japan Underground Unholy Method
  2. Mass Propaganda
  3. Appreciation For Nature
  4. I.S.M (Innocent Schizoid Man)
  5. This Is Japan, Not U.S.A.
  6. Clock Work War
  7. New Class War
  8. Cheap Education
  9. Deracine
  10. Far East Is Burning
  11. Silent Minority
  12. Battle Of Life
  13. History Is Calling


The latest effort by Nagoya City’s Japanese hardcore outfit J.U.U.M. is an amalgam of primal vocals, grinding guitars and anarcho-punk lyrics about confusion of identity, class conflict, perpetual war and just trying to get by amidst a society of inane pressures. The intro is a growling muddy dirge prepping you for the angst about to be released. "Mass Propaganda" uses punk rock n’ guitar with call and response guttural shouts. Incoherently spat in English, "I.S.M." describes a crisis of individuality in a society built on positive and negative "-isms." Confronting the negative effects of American occupation, "This Is Japan, Not U.S.A.," laments the passing of old Japanese values. Beginning like some machinery heard in the Morlock tunnels, "Clock Work War" invokes images of 1984 dystopia and post-apocalyptic tribalism with the lyrics "Clock work war, conclusion of a world." With metal stylings, " New Class War" exposes the threat of being caught in the modern age cycle of consumerism and productivity. "Deracine" is a classic punk blitz filled with the frustration of being an individual in a society that only accepts types. Dealing with the irony of looking to the US for subculture is "Far East Burning" While confronting everyday struggles and challenging the rigid establishment, "Battle Of Life" questions people’s future in such an unrelenting system. For those into AUS-ROTTEN influenced anarcho-punk, Japanese hardcore or anyone else into angst ridden political messages a world away, then J.U.U.M. remains recommended.


Samurai Spirits

CD Compilationmore info $12.99