About the Band


This eclectic force began in 2003 as an entourage of nearly ten members delighting post-rock fans around Tokyo. Despite diminishing in number over the years, the group continued to elaborate on their electronica-fused instrumental rock on several home releases. In 2005, EMULSION toured the US playing with notable noise musicians and they made a return in 2007 appearing at the Crown Point Festival in NYC. Since then, the rhythmic post-rock dance group has left fans waiting to see them again soon.

Members (on Pelican Eel Finds A Light):

Shina-G - Guitar
Mika-rin - Bass, Voice & Electronics
Kariin - Keyboards


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Pelican Eel Finds A Light

CD Mini-album - JP002 $9.99


  1. 光コンセント (Hikari Konsento)
  2. Aquatic Space Cadet
  3. Ladybug On A Shiny Plug
  4. Sunday Thinker
  5. DnC


EMULSION relies on the use of heavy electronics on Pelican Eel... pumping many of the songs with a techno dance vibe while at the same time creating surfy guitar driven post rock. "Hikari Konsento" starts with a steady house beat that is warped by hypnotic guitar riffing and quirky electronics. "Aquatic Space Cadet" continues in a similar albeit darker direction with a build up of Sci-fi suspense one might find in later MAN OR ASTROMAN? track. While " Ladybug... " contains a slower lounge grove and "Sunday Thinker" has a manic driving approach, both songs feature guitar work sounding both exotic and futuristic. For post-rock listeners who appreciate the effects of indie-electronica and intelligent dance music, EMULSION is a perfect match.