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Smartly attired and stepping out with a merseybeat sound spiked with their own original take on 60's revival music, a touch of reggae and fun dance party classics, THE BASICS from Melbourne have not only captivated audiences in their homeland but also Mod enthusiast abroad. Having completed an Australian tour with Japanese RnB darlings THE BAWDIES, the past year saw THE BASICS return the favor with extensive touring in the UK and Japan.


Wally de Backer - Vocals & Drums
Tim Heath - Vocals & Guitar
Kris Schroder - Vocals & Bass
Dave Bramble - Keyboards


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Australian CDs

Stand Out/ Fit In

Audio CD - AUS002 $12.99


  1. Rattle My Chain
  2. Memory Lane
  3. Have Love, Will Travel
  4. Hey There!
  5. Just Hold On
  6. (Love, Love) Speak To Me
  7. Lookin' Over My Shoulder
  8. Sound Off
  9. Better
  10. The Two Words
  11. Three Cool Cats
  12. Bitten By The Same Bug
  13. That Girl


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, perhaps even a rock n' roll time warp, THE BASICS bring a much appreciated and original take on classic garage, RnB, Merseybeat and reggae to the current 60's revivalist movement. Attired in grey suits and thin black ties, these three gents provide original rock n' roll tunes, hip reggae tracks and adroit covers for dance parties and Maydays alike. "Rattle My Chain" opens the album with a blast of Mod soul that says, "watch out!" Their version of the immortal "'Have Love, Will Travel" is a fine addition to the songs' vast patronage. The brass section on "Hey There!" lends a Tex-Mex vibe to the bittersweet love song. "Lookin' Over My Shoulder" is a track of new wave/reggae influenced paranoia. Perky call and response, catchy choruses and a Bo Diddley beat characterize "Sound Off!" Showing a more introspective side is the haunting "Better" while the Beat sound shuffle and wailing harmonica of "The Two Words" get your feet back moving."Three Cool Cats" offers a tongue-in-cheek verion of the classic standard. "Bitten By The Same Bug" mixes eerie reggage and rock in a tip of the hat to the THE POLICE. Wrapping things up is "That Girl," a Sgt. Pepper era number with soul singing, woodwind fluctuations and a psyche-stomp.

Amidst all the doldrums of contemporary rock music, THE BASICS, well, um... take things back to the basics. Stand Out/ Fit In is waiting to be discovered by 60's revivalists who can appreciate a "revivalist" band that maintains a sense of originality while drawing on all the classic hooks that grab people tight and make them wanna shake!