About the Band


Mixing down and out guitar rock with violins and surftones, Baseball continues in the tradition of great Australian artists like Nick Cave and the Dirty Three.


Monika Fikerle - Bass & Vocals
Evelyn Morris - Drums & Vocals
Thick Passage - Lead Vocal & Rhythm Violin
Ben Butcher - Guitar & Vocals


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Australian CDs

Japan-Taiwan Tour EP

Mini-album CD - AU001 $9.99


  1. She Makes Cookies
  2. Where We All End Up
  3. The Hospitality Song
  4. The Enemy Has Many Forms
  5. Soft Boy Factory


Here we have one of Australia's newest bands working in the vein of Nick Cave, Gallon Drunk and the Dirty Three. "She Makes Cookies" is a fast burst of piercing sounds with distinct Pixies-esque vocals. On "Where We All End Up" we have female vocals vaguely reminiscent of Kathleen Hanna placed in front of a driving beat and a wailing violin tirade. Searing violins, surftones and mysterious themes colliding with fast-paced rhythms make this EP an indie-punk treasure.